VW Radio Code Calculator Online Unlock

Is your Volkswagen radio asking for code? Lookup it in minutes by serial number, which can be located on the unit aside. Easy to use and super fast calculator!

How to get your Volkswagen radio code

Calculate your VW radio code from the serial number. You can find this number on the top and side of the radio box. To be able to see it, carefully take out the radio. Once you can see the label, make sure to write down the serial number in detail. Any wrong letter or digit passed to the calculator will give a wrong code. It is simple and only takes a few minutes until the generator releases your unlock code.

Save time and money

With our service, you are guaranteed the code of your Volkswagen radio at the best price, without having to drive miles to a dealer who often charges an unfair fee.

Money-back guarantee

Using our unlocking service you are fully covered. If for any reason the code we send you does not work, you will have the money back instantly!

Fast delivery

Get the code for your radio as quickly as possible. Our team works every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm (Central European Time). We send the orders received after hours the next day.

Locating the serial number

Whatever the model, all radios in Volkswagen cars have assigned a unique identification number, which you can use to retrieve the activation code. You can find this number on the labels attached to the side and the top of the box. To see these labels, carefully pull out your radio. Once out, locate the identification number by looking for the format: VWZ1Z1A1234567. Sometimes this number may have a letter at the final, which you need to ignore when getting the code.

How to pull out the radio

Removing a VW radio is easy and usually takes no more than 15 minutes. Preferably, using plastic tools (like these), remove the plastic mould that surrounds the radio. Next, unscrew the four screws that hold the unit and pull it out carefully (so as not to unplug any cables). We recommend that you take photos of both labels before reassembling the radio. For example, you can see these video guides for Polo, Passat and Golf. If your radio model is different, you can find more help on YouTube by looking for the car model you have.

How to enter my Volkswagen radio code

  • Turn your VW radio switch to ON and wait until ‘SAFE’ it’s converted in ‘1000’. If ‘SAFE’ remains on the screen, see How to bypass SAFE mode
  • Repeatedly press button 1 until you enter the first digit of the code.
  • Repeat the same process using buttons 2, 3 and 4.
  • If the code were correct, the radio starts playing. In case it doesn’t work, contact us by email or live chat and let us know.

Can I get my VW code for free?

Due to the difficulty of calculation, at this time, no online service can offer Volkswagen radio codes for free. However, if you do not allow yourself to pay this fee, you can always call Volkswagen (look for the phone number of the representation in your country on google). Having the identification data and the VIN of the car at hand, they can give you their code for free.

Pricing and refund policy

Although we can’t unlock it for free, our generator keeps very competitive prices. A VW radio code should not be more expensive than an arm’s length. The price for a standard VW radio is 11.99 GBP 17.99 GBP and for special units with serial VWZ1Z7 or VWZ6Z7, it is 15.99 GBP 25.99 GBP . The prices may vary depending on your country and currency. Our money-back policy is simple. If the code we provide does not work on your radio, you receive the money back. To ensure this, you can pay using Paypal, which allows you to open a dispute if you are not satisfied. If you have any trouble, reach us through live chat or email.


Популярные генераторы кодов для разблокировки магнитол.

Как знают читатели, я ранее перепродавал машины, и однажды мне попал Caddy без магнитолы, чтобы устранить это недоразумение, я купил на авито за 500 р. простейшую магнитолу с Джетты 6 поколения, каково же было мое удивление, когда после подключения разъема магнитола запросила код и наотрез отказалась включаться.
За код разблокировки человек в интернете попросил 1000р. Так как время поджимало, я заплатил, но червяк у меня остался, и в итоге я наткнулся на целый сборник калькуляторов кодов для автомагнитол, собственно вот он доступен для бесплатного скачивания:

Пароль от архива caraudio.

Внимание – на многие программы ругается антивирус, но я проверял их на своем компьютере, проблем не возникло.

В прикрепленной ссылке на Яндекс диск вы найдете генераторы кода для магнитол Audi, VW, Alfa, Blaupunkt, Becker, BMW, Clarion, Citroen, Daewoo, Fiat, Grundig, Volvo , Peugeot, Kenwood, Panasonic, Philips, Renault, Opel, Toyota, Merc, Nissan, Hyundai, Sony, Delco.
На этом у меня сегодня все. Я надеюсь, что статья была вам полезна и вы разблокировали свою магнитолу.

Важно понимать – не на все магнитолы вы найдете подходящие программы. У меня получилось приведенным генератором подобрать код разблокировки к магнитоле RCB 210 от jetta 6 2012г и от фокуса 2014г.

Для автомобилей младше 5ти лет, вероятно коды не сработают, маловероятно, что владельцы новых машин сидят на этом сайте.


Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator For Free Using

Learn how to get your lost Volkswagen Radio Code for your car radio on this page thanks to our great solution for all Volkswagen VW car radios. The software application tool known as Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool is the most genial solution for all Volkswagen owners who cannot get their radios working.

Of course, there may be several reasons why your car radio won’t start but they mostly boil down to only one- you forgot the car radio code or you bought your Volkswagen VW from a previous owner and did not ask for the code. All in all, you need to know the correct unlocking code and you will have the radio back in your car again. At first, it may seem like a ridiculous problem but soon enough you will learn that it can cost you a lot of money.

Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator

Volkswagen VW car radio devices are very sophisticated and modern, hence everyone wants to have one, and hence they are a little bit higher in price than normal car radio devices. Now, why would you want to throw away a perfectly healthy car radio when you can find a way to fix it?

Just, whatever you do don’t take your Volkswagen VW car radio to the electrician. For one, you will be charged a lot of money and for two there is no guarantee that it would work as it is meant to work. If you take your car radio to an electrician you may as well throw I away.

There is a better way for you do fix this the Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool. Just download your tool on your computer at home and start the code generating process. With only a few details about your car and your car radio, the Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool will produce the unique unlocking car radio code for you.

It is a very adaptable tool and you can use it on any computer device that you own. This also includes laptops and tablets. There is no reason why not give the Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool a try: it is easy to use, it is adaptable, safe and free. If your Volkswagen VW has a radio that will not work follow the instructions provided here and make your driving experience complete.

Guide How To Get Volkswagen VW Radio Code

Instruction on how to generate a car radio code with Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool:

  1. This tool you will find as a result of a search on Google.
  2. Then install the tool on any device you want, including your mobile phone.
  3. Also, open the code generating software tool with a single click and provide the required information. (Your car radio model and the serial number of your car radio.)
  4. Then insert this data and wait for a moment for the code to be generated.
  5. Finally, write down the code or save it somewhere on your device.
  6. Then turn on your car radio and wait for the code to be requested. Enter the new code you generated yourself earlier and enjoy the car radio songs wherever you go.


This tool is so amazing. It works on any Volkswagen VW car radio devices. But also on any Volkswagen VW car model. There are no limitations to it. The only thing you may lose with it is the frustration why your car radio wouldn’t work.

What do you do in a situation like this?

The same thing all over again. Find the tool already installed on your computer. Generate a new car radio code within seconds. Move on with your life. You will see that the Tool is the real deal once you try it. Plus, there are constant updates available.

You can regularly update it for the optimal functioning and effectiveness of the same. Of course, the updates, as well as the Volkswagen VW Radio Code Generator Tool, are always free. Make sure that you recommend this amazing Volkswagen VW car radio unlocking tool to all of your friends if by any chance they own a Volkswagen.

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